Wolverine star Hugh Jackman speaks about his role on the upcoming ‘Avengers’



Apparently, Disney has purchased the 20TH Century Fox Entertainment department for a whopping price of $52 billion. The deal between two giant media corporation was cemented last year and has left many people around the world in awe. Some of the movies that Disney will formally take over are the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and all of the Wolverine standalone films.

Will Wolverine appear in the Avengers?

Hardcore Marvel fans kept wondering if the Wolverine will become part of the upcoming two “Avengers” films now that the rights to all of the X-Men characters and other Marvel-related characters have reverted back to its parent company. Wolverine has been the favorite character who the fans want to see sinking his claws together with Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Black Panther and Captain America. Unfortunately, due to copyright issues back when Disney and 20TH Century Fox were still separate corporations, Wolverine cannot join the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU.


wolverine hugh jackman


Hugh Jackman made the famous announcement months before the premiere of his final standalone film “Logan” that it will be the last time he will wear the adamantium claws. That was also the time when the third “Avengers” film was in production. The Australian actor reportedly told The Collider that while it was very interesting to see himself fighting together with the Avengers, it wasn’t going to happen. He added that the ship has already sailed for him. He was also hoping to see someone else wear the claws and fill the role that he cannot.

Deadpool vs Wolverine?

While Hugh Jackman may not be appearing in the upcoming “Avengers” film as the Wolverine, he will appear in the upcoming Deadpool movie together with Ryan Reynolds. While it has been confirmed that the two were working together for the upcoming movie, Jackman will not wear his claws as Wolverine but will appear as himself instead.

wolverine hugh jackman

The Wolverine star added that while the crossover might be a perfect fit, the timing made him hesitate to do it. Jackman was already filming the Greatest Showman when Reynolds approached him and offered to crossover to his film. This was where Reynolds and the writers behind the success of the first Deadpool movie get creative. They rewrote every scene where Wolverine was supposed to appear and made it to Hugh Jackman instead. How this cameo will play out will be up to the creative force behind the Deadpool production team.


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