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Track Your Teenage Kids’ Online Activities Using These 3 Amazing Apps

Track Your Teenage Kids’ Online Activities Using These 3 Amazing Apps

Millenial kids usually live with their smartphone these days, and parents don’t know what their teenagers do with them. This is because they don’t have time and energy to filter what goes on with their kids’ phones.

However, there are apps that can help you keep track of their activities to ensure their safety. Through these apps, you can easily monitor their call history and see what they text and search online. Furthermore, you will be regularly updated about what they are doing in school such as their attendance and their participation in every group activities. You can even pinpoint their exact location in real time. More importantly, these apps can also help you understand your kids’ behavior on social media especially if they are participating in or being the victim of cyberbullying.

Here are some apps that can help you monitor their behavior on the internet through their smartphones.

Top 3 Best Phone Usage Monitoring Apps

1. Net Nanny

This app gives you access to your teenage kids’ phones that you can monitor remotely. Through this, you can select which websites to permit or block. You can now ban websites that promote online dating, nudity, pornography, or even those which encourages alcohol and tobacco. You can also set an alarm to notify you if they are searching for a certain keyword via search engines, such as suicide.

Net Nanny

The funny thing about Net Nanny is that you can use it for other stuff. You may not believe it but some grown men actually install this so that they can “restrict” themselves from accessing some porn!

2. SecureTeen

This app can log your kids’ call and text activities, which means that you can tell who they are calling and sending messages to. You can even read their texts.
Secure Teen
Learn more about Secure Teen here.

3. TeenSafe

This app is considered to be the safest and most advanced among the three. It can give you access to your child’s phone, log their calls and texts, and most important of all – pinpoint their exact location instantly via GPS.

This a very important android app for those parents who wish to know their teenage kids’ activities in school. Through this app, parent will keep track of their kids’ web search history.

Teen Safe

These apps are all made for smartphones. However, you can also get a desktop version in order to give you control over what they see over the internet on their own computers. If your kids are below 18, you certainly won’t need their permission to install these apps because it is your duty as parents to ensure their safety and well-being when using mobile devices. But of course, to each his own. You can ask for their consent when installing the app, but what would you do if they disagree? That’s going to be a topic for a different post.

Track Your Teenage Kids’ Online Activities Using These 3 Amazing Apps


  1. My daughter isn’t old enough to even be using this stuff, but when she does this is a great reference! I am scared for whats online and what she can see!

  2. I have many years to go before my husband and I have to decide about things like this, but I’m already reading up on it all–there is a lot to think about. Thank you for helping out!

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