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The Gift Cart: 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Toddlers this Year

The Gift Cart: 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Toddlers this Year

The Gift Cart: 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Toddlers this Year

Isn’t Christmas wonderful! The cold weather, the hot cocoa. The carols, the smell of pine, and of course, the gifts! Christmas is a child’s holiday, and this season let your toddlers unwrap something incredible come Christmas morning! But of course, the Christmas Rush would not make shopping a breeze. All you need to do now is plan ahead of time and go to the stores armed with a gift cart list and do not waste more time winging it! We have made you a special list of things that would make for best Christmas gifts for toddlers, so take notes now and make shopping a walk in the park!


Best Christmas Gifts for Toddlers

10) Christmas Letters from Santa

If you already have a gift planned but would want to add the extra holiday flare, then this is perfect. Christmas Letters for Santa makes customized letters for your little now, signed with Santa, stamped with “From the North Pole”, and sends it to your doorstep! Give your kids a bigger smile as they read a letter they never thought they’d get!


9) Little Hands Peg and Layer Jungle

Let your little one be in charge of stacking up a whole jungle and let cuteness ensue! This Peg and Layer play set from the Alex Toys comes with soft foam shapes, and is complete with its own flowers, trees, and monkeys! This is truly one of the most unique Christmas gifts for toddlers in this list!


8) Finding Nemo Squirt Toys

They might not be babies anymore, but for toddlers and older kids, bath time is still fun time! The adorable bathroom buddies from Finding Nemo are the perfect bath time friends for kids everywhere.


7) Lego DUPLO Number Train

The Gift Cart: 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Toddlers this Year

The DUPLO Number Train by Lego is as fun as it sounds! All the while your toddles are building this train, the numbered blocks helps develop their recognition skills! This colorful train combines fun and learning at the same time, making it one of the best toddler gifts this Christmas.


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6) Personalized Christmas Stockings

Now for a gift that would be a prime piece of their childhood, personalized Christmas stockings always hits the spot! Give your little ones their first Christmas stocking, customized for your own taste! The folks at Personalization Mall ( makes the best personalized Christmas stocking every holiday season!


5) Jojo Maman Bebe’s Pocket Dinosaurs

If your little one adores cute dinosaurs like all the other toddlers, then the Jojo Maman Bebe’s Pocket Dinosaurs set is the perfect gift for them! This wooden figurines are beautifully crafted and painted. It comes with colorful figurines of dinos, trees, and even volcanoes! If you are looking for good Christmas gifts for kids, then put this play set in your cart.


4) Djeco’s Multicolored Hut


Djeco’s colorful Multicolored Hut is a sure-hit among little toddles! Give them their own hut and let them create their own world inside it. Or better yet, come over sometime at his new play  pen for endless fun! This is one of the more unique Christmas gifts for children in this year’s list.


3) Le Toy Van’s Doctor Set

This play set from the family business of Le Toy Van perfectly presents the vintage doctor’s bag in perfect wooden craftsmanship! Let your kid be the doctor upon picking this up and he will cure your boredom! This beautifully painted set comes with adorable instruments like a small syringe, thermometer, and even a stethoscope! For good Christmas gifts for toddlers, this play set is sure to restore your health!


2) Hape Playful Piano

This elegantly playful upright piano comes with 18 keys and is the perfect gift for the toddlers that likes to get musical! With incredible sound and a sturdy make, Hape’s beautiful Playful Piano sure will help your toddler develop into the wonderful artist that he is!


1) My 1st Years’ Blue Ride on Car

Let your kid dash towards Christmas morning with this beautiful Ride on Car from My 1st Years. Made with careful and masterful craftsmanship, this sturdy car is sure to give your little one an awesome ride, with ample amounts of comfort and protection. Styled in vintage class, the timeless design is set to ensure that your toddler drives with elegance and fun.


These are some of the best Christmas gifts for toddlers this holiday season. Be sure to take note of this gift cart list on your way to shopping!

PS. Some of these toys may need cleaning after use. Read this post for tips on how to clean your toddler’s toys.


The Gift Cart: 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Toddlers this Year

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