Deadpool 2 Trailers: A Complete Round-Up of This Craziness

If you know Deadpool, you know he's one heck of a crazy character. He is the most famous character (whether in print or on screen) that breaks the fourth wall. Breaking the fourth wall simply means the character talks directly to the audience, instead of being limited to just characters inside the media he is being depicted in. And there is no shortage of his craziness in his onslaught of Deadpool 2 Trailers. Aside from breaking the fourth wall, Deadpool's out-of-this-world crazy antics will make you love him or hate him. Whichever way, the important thing is that he got…


Black Panther Inspires Kids of All Ages

And when I say all ages, I mean it. My family went to see the movie in the theaters, and by far, we believe Black Panther is the best Superhero origin movie we've seen (well actually maybe equal to Doctor Strange). Black Panther's PG-13 rating If you are already comfortable letting yoir kids watch other Marvel Studios' films, you wouldn't have qualms in letting them see this film. The rating of PG-13 was due to the level of violence in the movie. This includes fist-fights, sword or spear fights, explosions and some animal attacks. There is also an instance of…


Wolverine star Hugh Jackman speaks about his role on the upcoming ‘Avengers’

  Apparently, Disney has purchased the 20TH Century Fox Entertainment department for a whopping price of $52 billion. The deal between two giant media corporation was cemented last year and has left many people around the world in awe. Some of the movies that Disney will formally take over are the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and all of the Wolverine standalone films. Will Wolverine appear in the Avengers? Hardcore Marvel fans kept wondering if the Wolverine will become part of the upcoming two “Avengers” films now that the rights to all of the X-Men characters and other Marvel-related characters have reverted…

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