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One of my biggest issues with being a busy mom is a breakout. Yes, acne. Maybe to some mothers this is a small issue, but not for me. I am not vain, far from it really. But I want to be able to look pretty and presentable, especially when I have business meetings to go to. Also, I don’t want to look as if I’m not taking care of myself. I am not getting any younger, so I would like to look presentable and decent, at the very least.

There are a lot of natural and homemade ways to treat acne as far as Google is concerned, but for the life of me, I don’t have the time to prepare these concoctions. My work and my kids keep me so busy, I hardly have any time spared for myself. Which is why if I can find an easy and effective way for me to achieve my goals, then why not?


cleargenix - acne breakout prevention


Acne Removal: My Go-To Remedy

So what exactly am I using to get rid of my acne?

It’s none other than Cleargenix Acne Treatment.

This product is currently not available in supermarkets. I was only able to buy mine online. How exactly did I learn about this product. One of my friends asked me to try it when I ranted about how hard it was to get rid of acne and I how I was so unlucky to have that “breakout-prone” type of skin. She gave me a small amount in a clean cup with lid so I can try for a couple of days.

Let me tell you, Cleargenix was a lifesaver for me. I didn’t want a thick layer of concealer in my face in order to hide the redness of my “ripe” breakouts. It was two days before my business meeting when I started trying the product. It was like a miracle for me. No, the acne didn’t completely disappear in two days, but the redness was greatly reduced that I only needed a small amount of concealer to hide the rest. I looked perfectly presentable during my business meeting, and I was so glad I tried the product.


Cleargenix Acne Solution


Afterwards, I started ordering online for a regular supply of Cleargenix. With regular use of the acne cream, I experienced less breakouts than usual. I also felt that my skin was supple and tight, which helped reduce the appearance of fine lines in my face and neck.

I can’t guarantee that my results will be the same for everyone — after all, the results of such products depend on the skin type and lifestyle. However, Cleargenix worked wonders for me, so I am happily recommending it to anyone looking for a quick acne solution.


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