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Latest Techniques for Growing a Social Media Following

Latest techniques for growing a social media following

We all know how social media impacts everyone’s lives today. So if you want to build a brand or promote your company, it makes sense to cover your bases when it comes to social media presence. And social media is ever-changing, ever-evolving. You’ve got to up your ante if you want your efforts to succeed. This is what this post will be discussing, with the help of our guest blogger, Emily from Buzzparent. So without further ado…

In order to be successful in any field nowadays, it is important to have a social media following. Here, we have 7 tips to help anyone build a large and powerful social media presence.

1. Use a variety of sites

It’s best to have an active presence on a variety of social sites (web 2.0), so that you can reach out to the maximum number of potential customers. Social sites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, Stumbleupon, Vine and more.

2. Interact with others 

This can be done in a few different ways. Like and follow other accounts which are in a similar area of interest to yourself, and they might follow you back. Also, interact with those already following you. If they send you a message, try and answer it promptly. Try to also respond to things like reviews customers have left you, or comments on a photo or post. This is a great way to give a more personal, friendly feel, and keep existing followers happy.


Latest techniques for growing a social media following 3. Post regularly 

It’s important to keep all your social accounts active, in order to remind your fans and followers that you’re still around. On the other hand, it’s a good idea not to post too frequently or followers might get tired of seeing your posts popping up all the time. They could unsubscribe if you post too often and clog up their feeds. Once a day is a good guideline – enough to let people stay up to date each day but not so often that they will become annoyed. You can schedule posts in advance if you have a few ideas on what to post about but don’t want to send them all out at once. You could even sit down once a week and schedule the rest of your posts for the coming week! This is a great way to save you time, and means you won’t forget to post each day.

4. Realize the importance of links 

Ask your followers to share posts with their friends and followers, and you should see a rise in the number of people connecting with you. It’s also a great idea to contact other businesses and individuals who may be interested in you, and ask them to provide links to your website. By using tools like Semrush or Ahrefs you can get lists of websites that are linking to others in your niche, which can be downloaded into an excel in just one click, which saves hours of trolling though the internet.

5. Use icons on your website

This is a surprisingly simple way to gain more followers. Use the icons for all your social media accounts on each page of your website. You might be surprised to see how many visitors to your website click through to your social accounts just by simply adding these buttons. Make sure they are easily visible, to maximize the number of people who will click on them. The reverse is also true – include the link to your website on your social accounts so that people can easily find your website to learn more about what you are doing.

6. Understand your purpose 

Think about why you want to gain a large social media following. What is the purpose of your website? Buzzparent is a website which provides great gift ideas for children, but also has another purpose. The site donates 1/5 of it’s profits to a variety of charities in different countries, to help spread greater social good.


 Latest techniques for growing a social media following 7. Use the unique aspects of social media 

Think games, polls and hashtags. Games and fun questionnaires are a great way to interact with your audience. It’s an easy way to keep people interested, and it will be fun for you, too! You could also try setting up a prize draw or giveaway to build hype. Hashtags can also be useful for helping other people find you. Don’t go overboard with these though – there’s nothing more irritating than a post with 20 irrelevant hashtags in it!


In Conclusion

Social media isn’t a static thing, its an ever-evolving and progressive organism, which needs constant attention, observation and reflection. What works now want work necessarily next year, but what is constant through all this is the commitment to growing your connections, followers, tweets, posts, time spent in front of the computer and the willingness to persevere through times when things don’t seem to be going as planned. This is not rocket science, but it is a daily habit of persistence, one that needs your commitment to greatness.

Latest techniques for growing a social media following


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