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What Kind of Mom Are You? Here’s What Your Zodiac Says

What Kind of Mom Are You Based on Your Zodiac?

When you were young, you surely have some great ideas on how to be the perfect parent. However, it may not be entirely in your control. The very idea of motherhood can be a pretty frightening thing. Most women may want to become a mother, see themselves as a mother, and even act like a mother, but to actually bring a kid into this world is entirely different. You ask yourself: what kind of mom are you going to be? The AstroTwins probe into this topic and even listed ways on how to raise children of various zodiac signs in their book Momstrology: The AstroTwins’ Guide to Parenting Your Little One by the Stars

Here are some of their insights about what kind of mother that you are going to be based on your zodiac sign:

Aries Zodiac Mom


• STRENGTH: Assurance, self-awareness, strength, and courage.
• WEAKNESS: Competitiveness, tunnel vision, narcissism, fixation, and selfishness.


Hello, warrior mom! Being an Aries mom, you are certainly fierce and will charge ahead. Ruled by the war-monger Mars, Aries moms approach everything in their life as if they are going into war – alive and alert. They are definitely in it to win it. Motherhood is not for the weak-hearted; good thing you don’t fit that sketch. There is a diva in every Aries mom, and your poise never leaves you for a long time – even if you have a milk blemish in your clothes.

One of the strangest things about motherhood, particularly on the early stages, is experiencing another person’s reliance on you. Aries is definitely one of the most self-reliant signs, and you are very comfortable putting your own needs first before someone else’s. However, putting another person’s needs before your own surely takes a bit of adjustment. No matter how much you love your little one, one thing is certain; you are two distinct characters with different needs.

Honestly, this is a healthy approach for the most part. You may feel guilty of expecting too much self-sufficiency for your children, but that makes you a great character model for them. Aries moms never ask other people for permission for achieving goals or to be themselves. You are not a martyr mom! You are forever achieving and striving, and a powerful role model of eternal learning, and a one-woman achievement machine!

Taurus Zodiac Mom


• STRENGTH: Consistency, good taste, common sense, hard-working.
• WEAKNESS: Materialism, indulgence, narcissism, and mood swings.


Taurus moms are considered to be the original “mullet moms” – business in the front and party in the back. There are days that you lead with a strict demeanor that puts the fear of God and everything else in your child. However, once you are sure that everything is alright, then you proceed to party. The Taurus mom is selectively faithful and very strict when it comes to some key issues at home. There is always an old-fashioned woman in every Taurus mom, and you certainly won’t budge any of your standards. Behind your strict façade is a coarse nature goddess who’s surprisingly down to earth. You may be the kind of mother who will force your children to attend Sunday school but also the kind of mom who will never allow them to witness home birth or even ride bicycles when they are twelve.

Taurus moms are wise spenders and budgeters. You strongly believe in good return of investment. So if you spend your life raising a kid, you expect a kind of return or acknowledgment for that. You will raise your children to respect authority, and even idolize you. You want to have a special place – a pedestal, if you may – in their lives. While you want to be close with your kids, you won’t sacrifice respect in order to become their best friend. There is a manicured hand inside an Italian glove that you will raise if that discipline disappears. You believe that it’s okay as long as your kids don’t embarrass you in front of other people or violate your core values.

Your journey to motherhood will greatly benefit from your vast managerial qualities, which most Taurus moms have naturally. With your talent for practical details, you are definitely the CEO of your family! You love to manage other people – hell; you even do it with your girlfriends, and family members, right? The structured rhythm of parenting is very natural to you as compared with other zodiac signs. Even though Taurus moms run late for a meeting, they will never be late when it comes to applying for art camp, college scholarship, getting on a prestigious private school’s waiting list, or planning the best birthday party for your child. You are as precise as a laser when it comes to parenting.

Gemini Zodiac


• STRENGTH: Open-mindedness, curiosity, flexibility, youthfulness, creativity, and originality.
• WEAKNESS: Lack of boundaries, inconsistency, tendency to contradict, lecturing instead of listening.


Gemini moms are moms of many personalities. Sure, they are complex and self-contradicting, but they are truly fun and unpredictable. Gemini moms are ruled by the Twins; they are diverse and flexible to the extent that you keep your family guessing your next move. There is never a dead air in your family, even though some of them won’t mind it from time to time.

Your standards are never firm and can be subject to change without further notice. You will clean your kid thoroughly but will not hesitate to bring them to a smog-filled metropolis. Let’s face it – you love to contradict yourself and you can’t help it. If you were principled, you won’t be an airy and unpredictable Gemini. You might wanna buckle your kid’s rear-facing car seat into a Prius decorated with peace-symbol bumper stickers and drive him to an elite Mommy & Me group in the best part of the city. Or you just decide to spend your kid’s first year cruising or living on an actual houseboat. With Gemini moms, we never know!

Geminis have a reputation for being hard to pin down and breezy. They can also be quite worried. This zodiac sign is ruled by Mercury – the planet of intellect and communication. This means that a Gemini mom’s brain never shuts off. The result of this mental restlessness is becoming very opinionated and eccentric. This particular brand of maternal instinct is a unique blend for parenting.

Leo Zodiac


• STRENGTH: Leadership, confidence, playfulness, and creativity.
• WEAKNESS: Excessive energy, drama, self-centeredness, and Pollyanna tendencies.


The creative but dramatic Leo mom always leave her signature stamp wherever life brings her. Parenting is considered to be the ultimate personal expression for Leo mothers, for this is a job that you can confidently throw yourself into. A Leo mom has a natural tendency to become hands-on in almost every aspect of their kids’ lives. You take a great pride in raising successful and capable citizens who will do great things in the future.

While a Leo mom may not mean to be mean, they can be a bit strict about their standards. As a Leo mom, you may be a strong act to follow since you are an achiever yourself. One Leo mom has a successful brand – training teachers, giving classes, and making workout videos. She’s doing all this while taking care of her toddler and infant twins.

You may hold yourself to very high standards because you achieve them easily, but you don’t realize that you are pushing your children too hard. You believe that once your children become a successful lawyer, doctor, artist or businessman, your meanness will be worth it. Plus, your inherent sense of entitlement can be advantageous to your family. Nothing and no one can influence you when you’re on a mission, even if your children turn out to be your complete opposite in beliefs, career, and lifestyle. You definitely have a strong influence on their upbringing.

Leo moms may be strict, but they also party hard. When she decides to celebrate, she definitely goes all out! You consider yourself as the perfect party planner. No party can match a Leo mom’s unrestrained layout. When it comes to giving presents, you certainly shine in this particular area. Some people may think that you are spoiling your kids rotten but you don’t care about their opinion.

Whether you shower your children with kisses and hugs or show your love by faithfully being there for every important time, there is no doubt that your kids are your source of pride and joy.

Virgo Zodiac


• STRENGTH: Organization, structure, intellect, common sense, and healthy habits.
• WEAKNESS: Anxiety, worry and neuroses, and judgmental tendencies.


The Virgo mom is a free-spirited or upright mom. This sign is an interesting mix of contrasts. Sometimes, the Virgo inside orders you to become organized, making plans, direct and even micromanage. There are times, though, that you want to let it loose and play naturally. While some Virgo moms play motherhood like fish to water, hanging it all loose may require some time to adjust, especially if they are introverts who love personal space and time. The children invading your personal space may be a huge loss rather than a reward. Shifting from Ph.D. to teaching kids ABC’s can be hard especially for intellectual Virgos.

However, despite your obsessive nature, Virgo moms also have an easy side. You can easily get along with a Sagittarius, who rules over travel and adventure. This sign offsets any signs of anxiety that you feel; it helps you understand the bigger picture and be confident that your kids will be okay.

You might want to do some research as to how you can improve your mother’s instinct. Donald Winnicott, a psychoanalyst, developed the theory that the way to become a good mother is that you need to be three-dimensional to provide a safe and nurturing environment for your kids. However, do not make them the center of your universe to the point that you are depleting yourself. This is particularly challenging for Virgo moms who like to make everything perfect. If there is one thing that motherhood can teach you, it’s how you ease up on your self-critical tendencies and give yourself a well-deserved rest.

Leo Zodiac


• STRENGTH: Willpower, strength, instinct, and resilience.
• WEAKNESS: Emotional unavailability, control, paranoia, intensity to a fault, and obsessiveness.


A Scorpio mom has a curious mixture of quirk, control, and inspiration. She can sometimes be intimidating. Your mood dictates your children’s attitude towards you; they may love you or hate you for that. One strong stare from a willful Scorpio mom is enough to keep a child straight. Moms under this zodiac sign are fiercely protective; you defend your kids using your irrepressible strength and spirit. Nobody will ever dare to cross you because of your powerful presence.

Most Scorpio moms adapt to motherhood fast. Considered as an emotional water sign, your parenting qualities are automatic. Although you may be a bit slower to warm up to the people around you, there is no doubt that your child will capture you in a heartbeat. Years later and you will find that getting attached is not the problem; it’s letting go.

Scorpio moms are also known to work hard to ensure their children’s bright future. One fine example is Kris Jenner – the mother of the Kardashian kids. She worked very hard to guarantee that her family has a rock-solid future. Scorpio rules the sign’s eighth house of wealth, long-term finance, and joint ventures. Financial security is very important to you, and your natural mother instinct tells you that you have to work hard for your children.

The life of a Scorpio mom may feel like a game of chess, but the “queen” always wins in the end. Your controlling, plotting, sidestepping, and maneuvering is all part of a grand plan between you and the whole universe, which whispers in your ear compared to all the other zodiac signs. Moreover, Scorpio is one of the most intuitive members, and you faithfully trust your own instinct more than anything else.

Cancer Zodiac


• STRENGTH: Comfort, sensibility, style, and devotion.
• WEAKNESS: Fearfulness, mood swings, jealousy, and overprotectiveness.


As the zodiac sign that governs all things matriarchal, you are considered as the mother superior of all the signs. Cancer mom’s maternal instincts are hardwired intricately into their DNA. You have been a nurturer from a very young age to your siblings, friends, toys, pets, and to those who need motherly love. Some zodiac signs are ambivalent about kids; however, Cancer moms feel that they are born for the job.

Your fourth house of motherhood is governed by beauty-loving and balanced Libra – the sign of relationships. This gives you an uncompromising style to your family and a talent for making a comfortable and beautiful home. You are deeply invested in your relationship with your kids. This will make you their all-time confidante. You may be a hard-shelled and impenetrable most of the time, but you are definitely soft and sensitive on the inside.


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Motherhood can certainly bring healthy side effects on your social life. Most Cancer moms are shy and reserved on the surface but your kids will give the perfect excuse for you to connect with other parents. Your blooming social circle could be filled with moms of your kids’ friends or those that you meet through PTA meetings. Talking about your kids’ experiences provides you a good screening process that allows to you determine trustworthy people. Hearing about their unique views about schooling, diet, discipline and other things, you get a grasp of their values and instantly compare it with yours. Later on, you’ll be able to open yourself and start a sincere friendship with them. A real sign of trust is when you invite them to your home.

As a Cancer mom, you can be a bit snob, but also become a true-blue friend whose bonds can be compared to a family. You don’t allow other people into your life easily. However, once they’re in, they become a part of you forever. You expect a high value of loyalty from them. The same thing with becoming your children’s friend; you cherish them more than the friendship of other people.


Libra Zodiac


• STRENGTH: Fairness, style, patience, and refinery.
• WEAKNESS: Vanity, inconsistency, and snobbery.


Parenthood can be a bit stressful, especially if you are trying to seek a balance between your kids and yourself. Being a mom always bring out the Libra in you, as you constantly try to find your center point in the midst of all the chaos in your home. You are born under a sign that is known for being easy-going, you suddenly become structured and vain once you have kids.

Libra is also the zodiac sign of relationships. Contrary to what other self-help books proclaim, you find happiness when you think you are living your life for another person. Your children are the perfect excuse to live your life that way. Like a mermaid to water, organizing your life and your children’s come naturally to you.

Libra moms love all the conventional frills of childhood – from oversized dollhouses down to extravagant tea parties and intricate train tracks. Libras certainly don’t like to be rushed, which is good when you are spending time with your kids. You can be in the moment without any problems whatsoever. Libra moms are easily amused by her kids’ antics and love their quirks and silly questions. You are happy to spend countless hours explaining why the sky is blue or help them understand where people go when they die.

In that aspect, even though Libra moms already have children, they still don’t want to look haggard. You still like to dress adorably and extend your style down to your children. Your own vanity can be a good point especially when you are helping your kids decide about certain things. However, they tend to lose their own personality because you overpower them. Remind yourself that they are not your show ambassadors. Let them explore and develop their own style and individuality. This way, they will be able to appreciate all the things around them using their own sound judgment.

Capricorn Zodiac


• STRENGTH: Traditional values, planning, structure, patience, consistency, and thoughtfulness.
• WEAKNESS: Anxiety, worry, pessimism, overly cautious, and seriousness to a fault.


Capricorn is considered as the father of zodiac signs. This provides you an interesting twist to your parenting style. If you are a single mom, this trait is advantageous because you are able to see through a father’s perspective, which is something that your children need. The zodiac signs ruling planet is Saturn – the strict commonly associated with structure and masculinity.

Motherhood is not all about being feminine at all times; it’s also about being decisive and organized. You are always about setting limits to what your kids get. This effectively teaches them about life’s important lessons. You may feel the need to be close to your children, but you don’t necessarily see yourself becoming their best friends. The age-based hierarchy is fine with you, as long as they don’t disrespect you. You always respect tradition and would go to any lengths to teach your kids to preserve them.

Capricorn moms are tough; you give hard lessons and firm hugs. You may not be the most touchy-feely person, but you love to show your love through your actions. How this manifests in your own family depends heavily on your own upbringing. Capricorn moms have a tendency to play dutiful soldiers, thus keeping their emotions checked. You may have experienced hardships during your childhood, but this will provide a solid background for success for your own family.

Notable Capricorn moms are Katie Couric and Michelle Obama. They exude a feminine beauty that glows over a layer of strength and independence. As a Capricorn mom, you are considered as the rock of your family, the force that keeps it together no matter what happens. Like the song “She Works Hard for the Money,” you work very hard to provide for your children. You have a solid work ethic, and escape from obligations is definitely not a choice.

Aquarius Zodiac


• STRENGTH: Originality, open-mindedness, youthfulness, and fairness.
• WEAKNESS: Turbulence, drama, boundaries, and detachment.


Aquarius moms have a unique character that is very impossible to put in a box. You are affectionate yet reserved, strict yet spontaneous. Aquarius moms are said to be the world’s smoothest control freak. You may be a unicorn-riding Pollyanna who is about rainbows and butterflies but you are also the most cynic person on the block. You are all about organized chaos which reflects in your ever-changing parenting style. As an Aquarius mom, you may have experienced to from smooth-sailing adventure to roller coaster crazy, but it’s definitely not boring. You see your motherhood as a journey and you want your kids to experience it as long as possible.

Your ruling planet is Uranus, which is connected to surprises, rebellion, and emotional detachment. Your motto could be “expect the unexpected”. Aquarius moms are known to feel uncomfortable about intimacy because you are more relaxed about casual relationships. You might be emotional one moment and then be a fearsome monster on the other. Even though you give the appearance of being outgoing, hot and cold are just your settings. It may take a while before you find yourself as a mother.

Being in the moment with your kids is not always easy. Aquarius moms don’t do well on balancing the past and the present, thus becoming sentimental at times. You like drama in your life, whether you accept it or not. However, you can always counteract it with your strong individual identity. Even though you have become a mother, it is always important to maintain your youthful and outgoing appearance. If you love going to sports games, music festivals, art exhibits, always find time to do so. If you try to become the perfect mother, you will find yourself regretting it and rebelling against everything you built. The right balance is the key to becoming the ideal mother for your children.

Sagittarius Zodiac


• STRENGTH: Humor, perspective, adventurous, and wisdom.
• WEAKNESS: Rudeness, impatience, lack of structure, and unnecessary spontaneity.


Considered as the zodiac signs freest sign, a Sagittarius mom live in the moment and always act on pure instinct and impulse. You love your freedom, that’s why being a mother is a surreal feeling. Parenting is truly a huge challenge and lifestyle change for you. While you can be great with kids, they also need a huge chunk of your time and energy. Your free-styling days are finally over once you hear the echoes of your child’s first cry. As a mom, you now need to focus not only on yourself but also on young lives that are now depending on you.

Becoming a parent will definitely take some time to adjust. Your sign is ruled by Jupiter, the planet associated with abundance and wealth. Sagittarius moms have a tendency to overcommit – work until exhausted – or the opposite – avoid responsibilities altogether. You are like a soldier – shoot first, then ask questions later. This kind of spontaneous spirit may work like a double-edged blade. Your freestyling can make your life fun; take your kids to the circus, go out of town for several days, and buy them presents even if it’s not their birthday. However, you certainly need an improvement when it comes to structure and planning.

So how exactly do you transform into an ideal mom? The answer – you don’t have to. Just always bear in mind that you can always be the same person you are even if you have kids already. Make sure your kids learn from you while you are doing household chores or having fun. Do you need to repaint your kitchen? Give your kids brush and let them paint a corner. Your garden needs watering? Simple! Let your kids grab a sprinkler and let them water the plants. Let them join you in one of your adventures. This way, you become a leader and your kids become a good follower. You instill good leadership traits on them. You’ll be surprised to learn that you guys are bonding even on the smallest things in your life.

While “freedom” may be your middle name, you still need to deal with your kids one way or another. You just need to find a balance between fun and your responsibilities. After all, you are still a person who happens to be a mother and not a mother who happens to be a person. Just remember that you don’t need to be a perfect mother at all times. Your inherent sense of humor will make sure that you bear the parenthood challenge with a smile.

Pisces Zodiac


• STRENGTH: Imagination, compassion, creativity, and nurture.
• WEAKNESS: Eccentricity, instability, manipulation, and guilt.


The Pisces mom is considered as a seductive siren and earth mother rolled into one! You like to hide your family in a comfy but luxurious bubble, and you have a matching wardrobe to show. Even if you are wearing sweatpants, you can still manage to look great and ready for a photo shoot. You exude a warm charm that is very inviting to other moms. You may be demanding when it comes to satisfying your tastes, but your doors are always open and ready to welcome guests. Similarly, you are empathic and eccentric, sensitive and spiritual, but you are also full of wisdom. You certainly know how to treat yourself like a goddess and inspire other moms to be the same.

The Pisces mom has plenty of quirks. You can say that your heart is in the right place even though your head is not. You have a natural tendency to make a simple family dinner into an Alice in Wonderland style Mad Hatter tea party. There are definitely no dull moments in your family because of you, and your kids will always wonder about your next party trick. You can easily come up with crazy ideas in your sleep such as your next family vacation and road trip. Albert Einstein, a fellow Pisces once said that “the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.”

The negative side of your unlimited imagination is instability or lack of boundaries. You can embarrass your kids as they grow older because of your lack of structure. Because you absolutely hate being told what to do next, this might have a great effect on the way you discipline your kids. This can be particularly true when you are telling them that they need to go to sleep or eat their vegetables. The struggle will always be an issue if you let your crazy antics rule your home over discipline. If you feel like you can’t do it alone, the best way to deal with it is by having a partner (husband, babysitter, your own parents) to manage your home.

Your children know that they will always have your support and there is no sacrifice that you won’t make for them. They will bask themselves in your motherly adoration, spoil them, and feel like they are elevated on a pedestal. There is nothing wrong with this as long as you make sure that they don’t lose their respect to you. You have your own life but always make sure that you maintain your closeness with your children over the years. If managed to accomplish this, you will become their best friend, confidante, and social director.


  1. I am was born on the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp. As the mother of 2 grown children, I must say this nailed me to a “T.” I see in myself, in retrospect, both influences very clearly.

  2. Interesting! I am Virgo, yes sometimes it’s difficult to get organized everything with 3 kids but constantly I have this organization in my mind. I love teaching kids ABCs though.. I am not PhD but BS in Computer Engineering.. My intelligence helps me to teach kids in different ways they need.

  3. Interesting piece. 🙂 I am a Pisces, but not a mom, nor planning to be one anytime soon. But when I read about my mom (Capricorn), I noticed some similarities to her characteristics, and to the ones that you write about in your piece.

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