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Is My Lubricant Safe for Getting Pregnant?

Is my lubricant safe for getting pregnant?

trying to conceive lubricantGood question. Many women who are trying to conceive actually don’t realize that the lubricant they use when having sex might have an effect in their chances of getting pregnant. But yes, it does.

How so?

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Here are 3 reasons why the lubricant you use can hurt your chances of conceiving:

1. Most lubricants are too thick, causing reduced sperm motility.

You may not actually see the difference between the thickness or viscosity of one lubricant from another, but the sperm that travels alongside it does. We all know that sperm cells are fast and agile — skills that are necessary to reach the egg. But sometimes, lubricants are so thick that it inhibits the movement of the little swimmers, making them slower. If the sperm moves really slow, there’s a chance that these cells will die off first before they even get the chance to reach the egg cell.


2. Many lubricants have inappropriate pH Levels, causing sperm to die off.

The best pH level for sperm to survive is between 7 and 8.5, which is also the pH level of cervical mucus when a woman is fertile. However, studies show that most lubricants have pH levels that are way below 7. Most are highly acidic, with pH levels between 4 and 5.5. Yikes!


3. Top lubricant brands can cause DNA damage to the sperm.

Some lubricants contain chemicals, such as glycerin, which can be absorbed by the sperm, causing irreversible damage. Some of the ingredients are even considered as spermicidal because of their ability to damage and eventually kill off sperm.

But how do you know if the lubricant you are using have one or more of these characteristics? How do you know if your lubricant is killing your chances of having a baby? It’s very hard to detect.

Alright, so I’ll hold off on my favorite lubricant for now. But I need to lube to make sex easier for me. What should I do?
Another good question. There’s actually no need to stop using lubricants, you just have to switch to fertility friendly lubricants, so to speak. Keep in mind, though, that using these lubricants do not actually increase your chances of getting pregnant. Instead, they prevent the your chances of getting pregnant from decreasing. There is a difference.

Now that we have an understanding on how lubricants affect your ttc rates, here are the best lubricants for getting pregnant:

PreSeed Lubricant

This product imitates fertile cervical fluid, hence the sperm can survive around it. The Ph level of this product is just right for the sperm to survive, plus it’s not too thick that it’ll inhibit the sperm’s movement. It comes with an applicator, which allows you to place lube even on the inside, towards the cervix. Pre-Seed is actually the most highly recommended trying to conceive lubricant.

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Samsar Conceive Plus

Like Pre-Seed, Conceive Plus’s pH level is also sperm-friendly. Plus it includes magnesium ions and calcium ions, which are necessary for fertilization. Calcium is known to aid in sperm’s motility. It is FDA approved as compatible for fertilization.

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Astroglide TTC

Before the first two lubes mentioned above were created, Astroglide was already in the market. The main feature of Astroglide is that its ingredients are very safe for the sperm, that even if the little swimmers absorb it, they will remain perfectly healthy. It has galactose and fructose which closely resemble seminal fluid.

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Have any of you tried the products mentioned above? Or have others worked for you?

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