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Healthy but Tasty Habit: A Treat!


I’m not much of a “go healthy” person. Before I had my son, my motto was YOLO, so I tried every unhealthy thing out there. (Is bacon counted as unhealthy? LOL). Anyway, when I got pregnant with my son, I told myself I needed to follow a healthy routine, because it’s not just my body that’s being affected — it’s someone else’s. And I have no right to make him unhealthy.

After giving birth, I thought maybe I’d slip back into being my unhealthy self. But not really. I did not go all the way healthy though. I still ate bacon and potato chips, and I don’t feel guilt when we’re eating at McDonald’s. I did, however, still continue with yoga and eating whole grain stuff.

I like cycling and swimming, but I get overly hungry when doing these activities that I tend to pig out. So it’s like all the exercise becomes useless. Luckily, I was able to try something healthy and yummy at the same time. And it was all accidental. This yummy but healthy treat is GoodnessKnows Squares health bar. At the time that I tried it, I didn’t even know it was a healthy snack. It was really tasty! I love dark chocolate, so that must be the main reason I enjoyed it.



I discovered that there are actually several flavors available, but all of them are a combination of dark chocolate, whole nuts and fruit. My current favorites are Peanut Butter Crunch and Nut & Sea Salt.

If you like trekking or mountain climbing, this is a great lightweight healthy treat you can bring along. My kid likes it, too! Although I don’t give him too much because of the dark chocolate content. He loves trail mix. I also have some stocked at home because it’s a delicious healthy treat that I can surely feel good about. I don’t even have to hold back, I can eat as much as I can (although one pack keeps me full).

Try it out with our limited time with 25% OFF in Amazon! Use the promocode 25GKSNACK. You definitely won’t regret it.


    1. Yes, you can make those snacks at home. And you can sell those too! There are loads of moms like me who’ll love this but have no time to make some 🙂

  1. Can I just be honest and say that I also ate a lot of McDonald’s when I was pregnant with my first son? I did it in secret and I was so embarrassed when my husband found out. Lol. Anyway, we really should be eating healthy food and I think those snack bars are great! Healthy and tasty!

    1. I know right? Haha! I think many of us are guilty, but there’s no need for us to feel that way. Let’s just be kind to ourselves.

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