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First Grade Student Brings Baby Brother to Class Instead of Leaving Him Home

Filipino boy brings baby brother to school

The strength and determination of children never seize to amaze me. Children are stronger and more resilient than we often take them to be. And these wonderful characteristics show up in the most strangest of ways.

Take for example this young Filipino boy, aged 7, who is on his first grade in school. He realizes the value of education, which is why he is determined not to skip any of his classes, whatever the reason. One day, their guardian – his grandmother, had leave the house to work in a farm. No one was left to tend to his little brother but himself. But he didn’t want to miss any of his classes.

His solution was surprising — he brought his one year old baby brother to school.

His teacher took a photo of him with his brother and posted it in Facebook. It immediately became viral. His teacher, who refused to reveal her real name and only chose to go by Mam Lei said that the young boy stated that there’s nobody to take care of his little brother so he just chose to carry him to school.

Praise and Judgements

While many were quick to judge — discussing about family planning and irresponsible parents, there are also those sympathetic to the plight of the child. Many applauded him for being strong and resilient in the face of adversity. Although this would really not happen if there was proper family planning, we must also take into consideration whether or not they have access to such. The young boy studied in Salvacion Elementary School, located in Magallanes, Sorsogon in the Philippines. It is considered a remote area.

It is easy for those on the outside looking in to point out the best solution, but until we actually become part of the solution, we would only be part of the problem. Millions of children suffer from poor health, poor education, lack of clothing and hazardous living conditions.

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