New and Single Moms Can Benefit From

11 Sites for New and Single Moms to Get FREE Stuff

Written by Red Alexis   There are about 200 babies born every minute worldwide, mostly to new mothers.  They’ve given birth to the little bundle of joys that can change their lives, especially their budget.  Diapers, formula, regular checkups, clothes, baby care items, and more diapers can upset the set budget.  That’s why preparing and […]

9 Surprising Baby Hazards Not Included in Your Baby Proof Home Checklist (#2 Will Shock You!)

You’ve done it, you’ve baby-proofed your home and you think your all set. You have checked all the items in your baby proof home checklist. Little did you know that your little one is a genius when it comes to putting himself in danger. Just when you thought you’ve done all the necessary precautions, BAM! […]

How to Wean from Breastfeeding a Co-Sleeping Toddler

How to Wean from Breastfeeding a Co-Sleeping Toddler

You have decided that you need to wean your toddler because you’re having a new baby or maybe because you now want to be in charge of your body again. Whatever your reason, understand that weaning from breastfeeding is hard enough, how much more if you need to wean a co-sleeping toddler? It makes something complicated […]

breastfeeding essentials: the pros, the cons and the tools

Breastfeeding Essentials: The Pros, The Cons and The Tools

You’ve finally decided that you will be breastfeeding your baby. Yes, it is a decision. As you may well know by now based from the experiences of other mothers that breastfeeding is not easy. There will be pain and there will be hardships that sometimes you would just want to give up. But the advantages of […]

Filipino boy brings baby brother to school

First Grade Student Brings Baby Brother to Class Instead of Leaving Him Home

The strength and determination of children never seize to amaze me. Children are stronger and more resilient than we often take them to be. And these wonderful characteristics show up in the most strangest of ways. Take for example this young Filipino boy, aged 7, who is on his first grade in school. He realizes […]

Track Your Teenage Kids’ Online Activities Using These 3 Amazing Apps

Track Your Teenage Kids’ Online Activities Using These 3 Amazing Apps

Millenial kids usually live with their smartphone these days, and parents don’t know what their teenagers do with them. This is because they don’t have time and energy to filter what goes on with their kids’ phones. However, there are apps that can help you keep track of their activities to ensure their safety. Through […]

First-Time Dad's Guide for When the Baby Comes

First-Time Dad’s Guide on What to Expect When the Baby Comes

This is a guest-post from an anonymous dad who wants to share his experience as a first-time father. Like us women, we thought we already know what to expect when the little bundle of joy arrives… that is until it actually arrives and we realize how wrong we were! So without further ado… The First-Time […]

How to Teach Children Responsibility

How to Teach Children Responsibility: Starting Young

Raising children doesn’t only involve clothing them, putting food in their plates, securing a roof over their heads and saving up for their future. To raise a child requires a great deal of teachings and guidance from parents tantamount to shaping good character in them that will play a major role in their success, survival […]