Black Panther Inspires Kids of All Ages


And when I say all ages, I mean it. My family went to see the movie in the theaters, and by far, we believe Black Panther is the best Superhero origin movie we’ve seen (well actually maybe equal to Doctor Strange).

Black Panther’s PG-13 rating

If you are already comfortable letting yoir kids watch other Marvel Studios’ films, you wouldn’t have qualms in letting them see this film.

The rating of PG-13 was due to the level of violence in the movie. This includes fist-fights, sword or spear fights, explosions and some animal attacks. There is also an instance of rude (albeit funny) behavior. Nothing of sexual nature in this film.

Chikdren might also enjoy the show of culture which is well researched and beautiful.

Hype vs. Reality

If you’re worried that the movie is all hype, you need not worry. The story is solid and well-executed. Even Michelle Obama tweeted about it!

Before Black Panther was shown in cinemas, there were some concerns whether a film that is centered on African culture might not be as successful as others, but all the doubts were soon dispelled when people ALL OVER THE WORLD actually flooded the cinemas to see the movie.

Many children were so happy to find a superhero that looks like them!

Strong Female Characters

Black Panther Women

What I liked most about this film is that it has so many strong female characters! I was very happy when Wonder Woman was released that it became my favorite movie because it’s the only strong female character I’ve seen. There’s also Black Widow, but she quickly gets sidelined by male heroes in Marvel.

Imagine my surprise and delight at how strong the female characters are in this film. They are consistent, and the main character, Black Panther, relies on these female characters. So bring your daughter along when watching this film, and she’ll surely love it!

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  1. I love this movie! We went to see it and it was beyond amazing. My hubby took the kids to see it a few days ago and they flipped.

  2. Hi!!

    Great write up. I agree, Black Panther is totally kid approved. I love the storyline and the fact that women played a huge role. But I must say… my FAVORITE thing about the movie is that some parts were filmed in the Bay Area..my home 🙂

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