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Best Baby Food Processors: Prepare Baby Food Easily!

Best Baby Food Processors

I strongly believe that eating healthy, organic food is the best for our health. When it comes to our children, we should start as early as their first food. This way, they will grow up eating healthy and not being choosy eaters. But preparing baby food can be a daunting and time-consuming task, which is why many mothers resort to pre-packed baby food that are popular nowadays. Although there are some that say their ingredients are completely organic, nothing beats freshly prepared food.

Being a working mom makes things even more complicated for me. Not only do I have to work, I also have to do the laundry, clean the house and take care of my baby! How can I possibly insert baby food making in my already busy schedule? I tried to prepare baby food manually, but it eats up a lot of time. But then I learned of baby food processors. I was able to reduce time in preparing baby food by up to five times by using an electric baby food processor, which is a miracle!

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How I Prepare Baby Food

how to prepare baby food

The ones always included in my preparation are carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice and oatmeal. I then add fruits based on what my baby has tried and what he ate last week. I typically add two new food options every week so I can try it on the first and fourth day. Remember that when you are introducing new food for your baby, you should give it in the morning and then observe your baby for three days. If all is well and he experiences no allergic reactions, you can start giving him that food regularly. There are a lot of baby food recipes online to jumpstart your homemade baby food journey.

Best Baby Food Processors

Electric food processors made my life so much easier. I just cringe at the thought of manually preparing my baby’s food, especially when I have a pile of laundry to finish and a ton of deadlines in my work. With electric food processors, just a few minutes and ding! Food’s ready.

Essentially, you can use any food processor or blender to prepare your baby food, but you wouldn’t want to use the same one that you for blending your margarita right? Even though you swear you’ve cleaned it perfectly, you’ll never know when something that is definitely not child-friendly mixes in with the baby food. So to be safe, get a processor meant for this preparing your little one’s food.

If you’re thinking about buying a food processor, here are my top recommendations:

1. Magic Bullet Baby Food Processor

What I Like About Magic Baby Bullet

This is one gift I wish I had received during my baby shower. I must admit that part of the reason why I like this baby food processor is because it is the easiest to use. If you want to create purees, you just have to push and twist, and the food’s ready in seconds. For a more textured food, you just have to push and pulse. There is no on and off button, you just push the cup or the bowl down for it to work.

If you want to make baby food in batches, like I do, you can use the batch bowl. But you are into preparing baby food on a daily or meal by meal basis, you can use the short cup. The short cup is another feature that caught my attention because whenever I want to make baby food for just one meal, I end up mashing the food manually. Typical food processors are too big for just a cup of food, so I don’t usually achieve the consistency I want. Furthermore, I end up having to wash a couple of big items just for a mere cup of food! Mind you, I don’t use dishwashers for cleaning my food processors because they tend to leave a soapy residue, which I wouldn’t want for my next use.

Baby Bullet Food Processor

Magic Bullet Baby Care System comes with 6 storage jars which has a date dial which is ever so handy. With these jars, you don’t have to mark the jar or place notes on your fridge door on when the batch was made. There’s a number dial at the jar’s lid which you can twist to show the day of the month you made a specific batch. Cool isn’t it?

The washable parts are all dishwasher-safe, but I still recommend cleaning manually. It is also BPA-free, which is essential for items used in feeding babies. The cuteness factor of the Baby Bullet and the storage jars is definitely a plus for me. You also get a pocket nutritionist which is like a pocket guide for what your baby should eat based on his age. This is very handy especially if you are at a grocery store and have no idea what to buy for your baby.

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What I Don’t Like About Magic Baby Bullet

It looks like it’s made of cheap plastic. It makes you worry that it’ll crack or break the moment you start using it. Magic Baby Bullet works perfectly fine, although I’ve heard some complaints about cracks, so be sure to keep your receipt in case it happens to you and you need a replacement. Don’t use it for hot, steaming foods because high temperature is the leading cause of cracks. You have to let the food stand for a few minutes, which can be irritating for some moms who have other stuff to do and would rather have the baby food making task finished in just one go (such as myself).


2. Cuisinart BFM-1000 Baby Food Maker and Bottle Warmer

What I Like About Cuisinart Baby Food Maker

This one is a food processor and steamer in one, which is great so you won’t have to use two machines (if you are using an electric steamer) to create your baby’s food. You can steam the food here and then blend it to a nice consistency afterwards. Less items to clean! You can also use it to warm bottles, for when you give your baby frozen milk and need to melt it down and give it to him nice and warm.

The machine has one dial for two functions: one for steaming and another one for chopping. The steamer is already intuitive so you just have to choose the steam function when warming bottles or steaming baby food. It automatically turns off when it’s done. As for the chopping function, you can use it in pulse or hold it down. To create a purée, you have to pulse it a couple of times first to get tinier bits, and then you hold it down. This item is also BPA-free.

Although not included in the set, you should really get Cuisinart Baby Food Storage Containers which you can use to store and freeze the baby food you have prepared. I like this because you can simply get one of the containers, place it inside the unit and use the steam function to warm the food. Too bad it’s not included in the main unit, it should be added and sold as a set in my opinion.

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What I Don’t Like About Cuisinart Baby Food Maker

You have to hold down the chop function in order to make a puree, which takes about 30 seconds. With Magic Bullet, you just press and twist so you don’t have to hold it down until it becomes a puree. With other food processors, there’s a pulse function plus a steady chopping function; I wish Cuisinart Baby Food Maker had something like that.

Another thing is that water is placed in an enclosed space for the steaming function. This can spell trouble because such spaces can cause mold growth, and you wouldn’t want mold to contaminate your baby food right? The trick, though, is to clean it regularly. After using the food maker, make sure to drain the water out entirely. Flip the entire unit over the sink if you have to. Every few days, you have to clean it with water and vinegar for additional safety.

Because it’s a steamer and processor in one, the machine heats up quite considerably, so when making a large batch of different types of food, you have to wait until the unit cools down before starting on a new batch.


3. Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker

Just like Cuisinart, Baby Brezza has both the steaming and food processing function, but occupies lesser counter space. But what I love most is that you can prepare it then leave it. You can set it to steam for a fixed amount of time and then automatically blend afterwards (and of course turn off on its own). When you get back, it’s done! If you’re a busy mom like me, you will love this. You don’t have to wait and watch the stove while steaming the food and then transfer the food to your blender and all that shit (haha!).

Baby Brezza Food Processor

Of course you can use the steaming and blending function individually if you need to. The unit has several buttons you can use to change the options. You can steam and blend, blend only, or steam only. Each press of the button changes the duration of the steaming, from 10 minutes all the way up to 30 minutes, at 5-minute intervals. It also has a start and stop button for any time you need to interrupt the function (such as when you want to add some food or take something out). Like the first two electric food processors, Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker is BPA-free. It’s also dishwasher-safe, but again, it’s pretty easy to wash it yourself so do that instead to prevent soap residues.

The bowl is made out of plastic, and works well. But if you want a glass version, they do have it (an answered prayer to many moms out there!) called the Baby Brezza Food Maker Glass. The common issue with the plastic container is when you use it too often and you don’t let it cool for the next batch, cracks start to show. With the glass container, this issue is resolved. But I would still recommend letting the unit cool down a bit before the next batch. If you use anything to its maximum potential, its lifespan tends to reduce.

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What I Don’t Like About Baby Brezza

So just like other multi-function food makers, you have to give it time to cool off before preparing the next batch. It can make up to 4 cups per batch, but if you have an assortment of foods to prepare, it will take a while. But I think the “set it and leave it” function fully makes up for this.

Again, with an enclosed water space for the steaming function means there’s a chance of mold growth or hardwater deposits. Turn the unit upside down after using to make sure no water is left behind. The main unit can be really hard to clean if molds do appear, so it’s best to completely drain it. Keep the water lids open to air dry the water container just to make sure.

making your own baby food

These are my top options for electric baby food processors. There are so many out there, but I love these three in varying degrees due to the features they present. Some would say, “just buy a steamer and a blending stick”, but hey, some people appreciate the ease of use and the small time needed to prepare baby food. We don’t want to turn busy working moms and new moms away from giving their babies fresh, healthy food just because preparing baby food is a daunting task. Let’s make life easier for all parents out there!

What about you, what baby food processor have you used? Share your experience with the community!


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