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Baby Travel Checklist: 5 Baby Items That Will Make Your Life Easier When Travelling

Baby Travel Checklist

Let’s face it: travelling around the world (or even just out of town) would never be the same now that you are full pledged parent. Whether it’s to the beach, the malls, or maybe even to the museum, travelling with babies is bound to change the whole experience. Even work-at-home moms need to travel from time to time, too! But how do we lessen the hassles of it? Here is a unique baby travel checklist that can help you!

Baby Travel Checklist #1: Portable Umbrella Strollers

Portable Umbrella Strollers

Walking through tight alleys and packed restaurants are made easy by these lightweight, portable strollers. The umbrella naturally keeps the sun’s rays from kissing your kid’s skin too much, and its light frame makes it easy to carry around when you are not using it. It’s easily foldable, like an umbrella, making it easier to transport.

Baby Travel Checklist #2: Baby Change-N-Go

baby travel checklist: baby change n go

Any traveler worth his salt knows that different places can present different sanitary risks. You can never know when you might encounter such dirty changing rooms, and grimy seats. Changing pads allow you to change your kid’s clothes without risking his health, laying him down a public bathroom’s sink. But what if there’s no changing table in the restroom? Baby Change-N-Go to the rescue! This changing pad hangs like a hammock from bathroom stalls and gives you enough room to tend to your kid’s current needs. It’s great for both moms AND dads!

Baby Travel Checklist #3: Baby Carrier

When it is not possible to just put your kid in a stroller and roll it around the plaza, a baby carrier is a no-brainer option. It gives you more allowance for motor movement through packed crowds, and is safer for both you and your child. Imagine strolling your kid through Europe’s brick roads! Dads can use the traditional baby carriers, while moms can make use of ring slings and other baby wraps. These types of carriers allow breastfeeding moms to feed their little ones with ease and comfort – both for the mom and the baby.

Baby Carriers

Baby Travel Checklist #4: Printed Kiddie Table Toppers

Let’s face it – it’s hard to clean up after your kid during meal times. Even when you’re in a restaurant, it would be embarrassing to leave all your kid’s mess behind. Bring with you some nicely designed table toppers, not only will you minimize the mess, you’ll also keep your child entertained with the prints. You have tons of options to choose from. There’s Sesame Street, Disney, Under the Sea, Planets, Animals and more.

Baby Travel Checklist #5: Baby Inflatable Tubs

Inflatable Baby Tubs

If you’re staying at hotels and luxury stay-ins, you would realize that these are not designed for kids. Some amenities, like bath tubs for example, are too big for them. If you’re staying at budget hotels, chances are there’s no bath tub available. So how in the world will you be able to give your little one a bath? Simple: use inflatable bath tubs.

Inflatable bath tubs ensure you that you are able to bathe your kids better and safer than those marble tubs or tiled shower areas. It’s inflatable so you won’t have to bring a bulky tub around with you during your travels. Imagine carrying a bath tub and your baggage AND your baby while at the airport. That would surely be a nightmare! Get an inflatable tub and make your life easier. Pro-tip: choose non-slip inflatable tubs to reduce the risk of accidents.

Baby Travel Checklist BONUS

What happens when your little one gets bored during the trip? Tantrums and non-stop talk is not uncommon. Keep your toddler entertained not with tablets and phones (these devices stunt their brain development), but with portable toys and activities! The top items I would recommend are Melissa & Doug Pull-Back Vehicles and Melissa & Doug Water Wow. These will keep them preoccupied when you couldn’t force them to sleep while in transport.

baby travel checklist: melissa and doug pull-back

There you go! So you see, you won’t have to postpone your trip to Southeast Asia or to New York just because you have a little one that you are worried will make the travel too much of a problem for you. Being new parents mean your lives will definitely change — but it does not mean it will be for the worse. All you have to do is be smart!


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