9 Surprising Baby Hazards Not Included in Your Baby Proof Home Checklist (#2 Will Shock You!)

You’ve done it, you’ve baby-proofed your home and you think your all set. You have checked all the items in your baby proof home checklist. Little did you know that your little one is a genius when it comes to putting himself in danger. Just when you thought you’ve done all the necessary precautions, BAM! […]

best ways to make money fast

3 Wealth Ideas On the Best Ways To Make Money Fast (#1 Will Shock You)

If you want to get rich, there are several things you need to change. This includes your money management skills, your income generating techniques, and of course your mindset. It may come as a shock to you, but some rich people didn’t start out rich. Some were basically down on their luck when they started […]

You've lost access to instant articles

“You’ve Lost Access to Instant Articles” After Recent Facebook Updates

  Updated November 12, 2018: My FB Instant Articles and monetization features have been reactivated by Facebook with no further effort from me. It could be an issue with low Facebook traffic, which has resolved itself. Because Facebook is currently under the line of fire due to the Cambridge Analytica issue, guess who’s bearing the […]

Earn Money from Home Online with Article Writing Jobs

Earn Money from Home Online with Article Writing Jobs

One of our recommended ways to earn money from home online is by working as an article or website content writer. In this post, we will discuss in depth how you can successfully become an online writer either as a side hustle or as a full time job. Related: 99 Ways to Earn Money from […]

99 Ways to Earn Money from Home Infographic

99 Ways to Earn Money from Home: NO SCAMS PLEASE!

If someone tells you he or she has a way to earn money from home without so much as lifting a finger and by only spending a few bucks, RUN. Run away as fast as you can! Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, who earned hundreds of dollars a day or thousands of dollars a month, […]

How to Wean from Breastfeeding a Co-Sleeping Toddler

How to Wean from Breastfeeding a Co-Sleeping Toddler

You have decided that you need to wean your toddler because you’re having a new baby or maybe because you now want to be in charge of your body again. Whatever your reason, understand that weaning from breastfeeding is hard enough, how much more if you need to wean a co-sleeping toddler? It makes something complicated […]

breastfeeding essentials: the pros, the cons and the tools

Breastfeeding Essentials: The Pros, The Cons and The Tools

You’ve finally decided that you will be breastfeeding your baby. Yes, it is a decision. As you may well know by now based from the experiences of other mothers that breastfeeding is not easy. There will be pain and there will be hardships that sometimes you would just want to give up. But the advantages of […]

Mommy Treat: 9 Simple Ways to Rejuvenate and Pamper Yourself

Mommy Treat: 9 Simple Ways to Rejuvenate and Pamper Yourself

Being a mom alone is tiring, but working (whether in your own business or in a corporate company) and being a mom at the same time can be exhausting. But sometimes moms have this “mom guilt” whenever they pamper themselves. Nevertheless, rejuvenating yourself is necessary if you want to be able to function properly and […]