Wow, a page all about myself!


Hello fellow mommies!

My guess is that your here in my website because you’ve encountered one or two bumps on the road when it comes to being a mother. Not just a mother, but a working one (as if raising a child isn’t hard enough!). Let me tell you: you are not alone.

And when it comes to things like this, us moms should go through this together, arm in arm!

Motherhood is the biggest challenge I have ever encountered in my life so far, but it is also one of the most rewarding. Seeing my baby grow up to become happy and healthy is an achievement.

But I also have other plans with my career while still being a good mother.

I currently have a small online business and I’m also into freelancing and internet marketing. Balancing all these need no acrobatics! I’d be happy to share here tips and information on how I earn online while still fulfilling my duties as a wife and mother.

So allow me to share with you my motherhood-slash-businesswoman-slash-writer adventures. Feel free to share your journey to motherhood, too! We can help each other out.

Cheers to our success!




The Working Momma

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