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11 Sites for New and Single Moms to Get FREE Stuff

New and Single Moms Can Benefit From

Written by Red Alexis

11 Sites for New Moms to Get FREE Stuff


There are about 200 babies born every minute worldwide, mostly to new mothers. 

They’ve given birth to the little bundle of joys that can change their lives, especially their budget.  Diapers, formula, regular checkups, clothes, baby care items, and more diapers can upset the set budget.  That’s why preparing and using all possible ways to save up can be useful.

Here’s a list of websites that new moms and single moms like you can check out to get the money flow back on track.  


Everyday Moms Sampling Club

This website’s fun to use and very educational.  What’s cooler is that you can enroll for free! From weekly newsletters, alerts, samples, and coupons, you can’t ask for more in Samples and Savings. 

It can give you answers to every question that you may have. It’s like having a frequent phone call to your mom to ask anything. You can find articles and community conversations about financial concerns, planning for childcare, and more. 

You can also read through write-ups about empowering and enlightening new, single, and experienced mothers. By the way, you can access Target baby registry for a no-hassle, price-match guaranteed purchase.

Both new and experienced mothers can access this website.  The website provides social network support and insights about trends and sales.

Logging in this private site for the first time gives you exclusive offers and privileges.’s intention is to help all mothers in any way possible. 

It gives daily awesome deals and offers for baby-care needs and services, furniture, catering, and more. Posts and articles encourage moms to push themselves to become well-prepared and rounded.  The online community of moms-to-be is always there from day through the night to help each other out.

This website is like a gateway to billions of help!

From study programs to starting your career to retirement plans, got you covered.  Several articles can help you learn about government assistance and grants.

There are also support programs for housing and utilities, credit card applications, paying for college, etc.  New and single moms can benefit from this online resource library. Almost all finance options are available in one place!

They say anything with Disney is good.  A website for all the moms and Disney is better! 

Enjoy a Sunday newspaper-like content with articles about lifestyle, features, parenting, and fun.  You can also check out some cool party ideas for your baby shower, Christening, gender-reveal, Halloween, Christmas, and more! 

You’ll like browsing through the site for baby names suggestions organized by alphabet, origin, and theme. There are also suggestions for diet and nutrition, fitness exercises with your kids, and pre-and post-birth activities.  What’s fun is that there are how-to’s and D-I-Y sections that you can visit for small livelihood projects.

Have enough diapers?  Nah! Visit this website now for free samples and Pampers coupons.  Not only you can have great deals, but you can also have big savings!  Join now and explore what’s in store for you.


Product Testing UK

Try out mom and baby products baby products for free! All you need to do is test the product and submit a review and the item is yours for free, for life! What have you got to lose?

You would surely have an opinion about a product you have tried anywway, right? 

The is the bomb!  It gives you both information and convenience at the same time. 

With a few clicks on the website or using their app, you can check for posts and articles about the baby’s progress.  You can view suggestions for the best baby care items at affordable prices.

There are articles about parenting that you can refer to anytime.  Some posts can help you have a work-life balance.

You can also learn how to inform people in your home, workplace, or even in your fitness club that you’re expecting.  That’s not all! If you’re looking for recipes and do-it-yourself crafts for business, the is your go-to site!

Even though Amazon is a shopping site, it also offers free stuff for new moms, with the help of their Baby Registry. All you have to do is create a Prime Account and then build your Baby Registry.

For a step by step guide on how to get your $35 Baby Welcome Box, check out this post from Free Stuff Finder.


Samples and Savings

One of the best ways to get something free is to accept samples. Go to a grocery store and you’ll be given samples of new products for free. This is being done the same at Samples and Savings.

Want to get effective parental advice?

Subscribe to and grab the chance to learn from a fellow mother AND a clinical psychologist.  Audio and workbooks by Dr. Laura Markham will help you know the good and the bad in parenting. She will also provide tips on how to handle daily challenges and stress as a parent. 

When you sign up, you can have access to her courses and to her ‘three simple big ideas’ for effective parenting. All these are available both on the website and in your inboxes upon signing.



If you’re planning to get back in the game, pampering yourself is a must.  There are a lot of available salon or makeup treats, but not all are budget friendly. 

Try to visit SuperSave. You can get free samples to try, like Dove products. Get the flawless look that you like without spending a single penny!


There are a lot of options such as these websites that you can check to help you stretch your moola.  You won’t need to worry anymore because all these can help you save and provide for your babies. Budgeting as a new mom, single mom?  Not a problem anymore!

New and Single Moms Can Benefit From

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